Flood Buzz™ Pro, water leak alarm

Warns you of a leak before it becomes a flood…

Flood Buzz™ Pro is designed to detect water and sounds a 110dB alarm upon contact.

Place near any potential water leak or flood source, such as a sump pump, hot water tank, washing machine or dishwasher connectors and faucet/toilet tank connectors.

  • No buttons to push
  • No programming to worry about
  • No batteries to buy or replace
  • Flood Buzz™ alarms have an internal battery and are good for a minimum of two years
  • Reusable and simple to test by dipping the two bottom prongs in a small amount of water
  • Turn Flood Buzz™ Pro into a silent Ad by affixing a 1.5” x 1” label with your contact info

Just place it and hope it never goes off!*

Flood Buzz™ Pro, water leak alarm


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Locations FBP-01D
Prongs to ground
Prongs up 1/8”
Water heaters X
Sink cabinets (Vanities) X
Sump pumps X
Laundry rooms X
Dishwashers X
Window/door ledges X
Toilets X
Portable Humidifier / de-Humidifier X
Water heater pans X
HVAC condensing pans X


  • Built-in battery lasts a minimum of 2 years*.  No need to replace batteries.
  • Alarm dB Level: Up to 110.
  • Reusable and simple to test by dipping the two bottom prongs in a small amount of water or by placing on a damp cloth.
  • Flood Buzz™ provided in its own counter display (16 per display and 3 displays per Carton).
  • Space for label using Avery® label #5434 (1” x 1-1/2”) or similar label (not included).


  • Early leak warning may help lessen water damage and lower repair costs.
  • Simple operation. No programming or pressing buttons.
  • Alarm stops when unit is removed from water leak.



* For best protection, Flood Buzz™ Pro should be replaced by the “Replace by” date as indicated on the unit.

Available from OS&B™ in Eastern Canada.
In Western Canada (including Thunder Bay), please contact Stringer Sales at www.stringersales.com.

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