SD35T Testable
SD35T Testable

Testing made quicker.
Cleaner. Safer.

Introducing our new testable Shower Drain Series for Preformed Shower Bases. Now you can air test from below and water test from above.

Your job just got easier.™

Testable Waste Overflow
Testable Bath Drain Rough-in and Trim

Our new Testable bath drain
Rough-in and Trim Program

Offering a variety of Rough-ins and Trim Kits (Sold separately),
and available in a selection of today’s most popular finishes.

Your job just got easier.™

Island Tub Drain
Island Tub Drain Testable Rough-in

Island Tub Drain™ (Testable Rough-in)

Now featuring a snap-off Test Cap and
Asymmetrical Deck Flange.

Your job just got easier.™

Fill&Drain Bath Drain

Dare to go spoutless.

Featuring an integral tub filler, offering the combined functionality and convenience of Filling and Draining your tub with one integral unit.

Your job just got easier.™

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Your job just got easier.™


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Bath Tub Drain Trim Update Kits

Bath Tub Drain Trim Kit

Update the look of your Bath Tub in minutes.

No muss.

No fuss.

No kidding.