Tub Drain

Island Tub Drain

Install a Freestanding Bathtub in minutes.

No muss. No fuss.

No kidding.

Your job just got easier.

Tub Drain
tub drain, tub seal, reducing bushing, tailpiece, rubber seal

Simply attach the correct Tailpiece (supplied) or ABS Reducing Bushing (also supplied) to the bath drain and lower the tub into the specially designed rubber seal.

Need to remove the tub? No problem! Simply lift and remove.

Installation Video

“Now I can install my tub at the Trim stage rather than the Rough-in stage – no more damaged tubs… My tiler is happy because he can even run his tiles under the tub rather than having to cut around – huge time saver!”


  • 18 Gauge Epoxy coated Metal Deck Flange
  • ITD35 is a Freestanding Tub rough-in (install before tile installation)
  • Designed to be installed in an 8”/10” joist space
  • Can be installed with Waterproofing Membrane (*bronte™ NobleSeal TS Recommended)


  • 2 x 17G Brass Tailpieces (Fine Thread and Flanged)
  • ABS Adapter Kit (attaches ITD35 to ABS Bath Wastes)
  • Island Drain assembly with 1-1/2” DWV ABS Tailpiece
  • 2” x 1-1/2” ABS Reducing Bushing
  • Cutting template
Island Tub Drain Sideview Rendering Island Tub Drain Fine Thread Tailpiece Island Tub Drain Flanged Tailpiece Island Tub Drain ABS Adapter Kit

Fine Thread Tailpiece

Attaches to 314 Series Direct/Offset Bath Wastes.

Flanged Tailpiece

Attaches to 314DC Series Cable-Drive® Bath Wastes.

ABS Adapter Kit

Attaches to ABS Bath Wastes and includes Brass Nut and Poly Washer.

Installation Tips

  • Use 6.5” hole saw to cut sub floor (not included). Cutting template included
  • Secure Deck Flange with 6 screws (not included)
  • Do not cut the brass Tailpiece as this may cause a leak



Product Literature

Freestanding Bath Tub Drain, Island Tub Drain ITD35 Specification Sheet ITD35 Installation Decal


OS&B™ is a Registered Trademark of Oakville Stamping and Bending Ltd.

ITD35 is Patent Pending.

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